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Changing From Battery To Petrol During Acceleration -Advice Needed

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I am a owner of rx400h (XII 2005 production) first registration 2006 ,

Due to the fact that lexus is my wife car I am driving that car from time to time

What i noticed that during acceleration (normal ) changing from battery transmision to petrol is not as smooth as was some time ago. The moment when engine starts and take control over transmission seems to be more "brutal" that previosuly

Any idea what could be a reason.

what need to be verified according to your expierience and knowledge

Car is now 190 000 km odo , oils including transmision have been changed up to owners manual timing (and good practice) always dedicated to lexus.

thx for any hints

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Could be engine mounts, in particular the torsion mount on the top of engine by the brake fluid reservoir. When you say the transmission fluids have been changed, when exactly was the last time mileage wise.? Those are the two things I would think contribute to rough engine starts....

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Thx i will check it... regarding AT fluid , I have changed it at ca 180 tys km odo... using toyota dedicated at fluid both in gearbox and read diff plus new bolts up to service manual (static change means without any "compresion" machine plus additional level check after some km), since then tranny works great smooth acceleration etc... no leakages ...

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