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1991 Ls400 Strange Noise


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I have a 1991 Lexus LS400 with 210k miles on it and recently I've
noticed that it has started to make these two strange noises. I took
videos of the noises and will post them below.

One of them sounds
similar to a supercharger whine. It gets louder as I push on the
accelerator. Is this the sound of a loose timing belt?

The second is a strange noise that sounds like my transmission is
whining. As far as I know, it only happens when I'm going very slowly
(forwards or backwards) in my driveway or entering my garage which is
on a very slight incline.

Does anyone know what these sounds are and what needs to be fixed?


1st noise,accelerator noise


2nd noise, transmission whine


If you need me to make more videos to better diagnose the problem (such as one with the hood open) please let me know

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I have not listened to the sounds - however - a common "whine" sound that increases (in frequency) or a change in the pitch of the sound (lack of a better word) with an increase in RPMs for many kind of cars with a power steering pump low on fluid ...

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Hi Max and welcome.

The first thing I would do is remove the serpentine belt, start it up and see if the noise is gone. If it is, you know that it is with some accessory driven by the belt. If it is still there, then maybe the timing belt or water pump area.

If it is an accessory, you can get a mechanics stethoscope and very carefully probe the various components (alternator, ps pump, A/C compressor, air pump, clutch fan and so forth) to see if you can pinpoint the noise. Could even be the fan bracket pulley.

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