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99 Gs300 Issues Left And Right....

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I've owned my '99 GS300 for over 5 years now and haven't had a single problem out of it until recently. In the past few months it has started having problems where the doors would not lock, and sometimes not unlock, using the key fob or the buttons on the door. Then I began having problems where when I brake my reverse lights come on, and my headlights sometimes dim. Then, a couple weeks ago, my fuel door would no longer open and I now have to pull the release in the back (the switch is not loose, it makes a click noise, but the fuel door doesn't pop open). Finally, just today my moon roof wouldn't open when I pushed the button, so instead I just angled it open, and now it won't close! It moves about half an inch when I hit the switch for it to close, but then it just reopens.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Thanks for the information, that fixed everything except for the moonroof problem. It still won't close. I checked the tracks and cleared out the little debris that was there and the lubricant is still good, but it still refuses to close. It sounds like it tries for a moment, and then I think I can hear it keep trying very quietly if I continue holding the button. Anyone think it's the motor? God, I hope not. :mellow: $$$

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