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Eibach Springs

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Does anyone in the South OC area know a local shop where I can have some Eibach Pro springs installed for a reasonable price? I checked with Lexus of Westminster and they quoted me 800.00 just for installation. I about fell over. That seems awfully high for a job that takes a few hours. Are they paying their mechanics over 250.00/hr there? Crazy.

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About $600 total w/tax (springs/installation/alignment) around here in the high rent Silicon Valley.

If springs are $275ish, then that's about $300 for the labor portion including alignment.

In OC, you must have some highend tire/wheel shops that do a lot of these. Hopefully somebody can refer you to one.

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Yes, mine are Eibach350's for about 1 inch of lowering (same as F-Sport springs). Certainly a dramatic difference visually from stock, with a small improvement in handling as bonus. Pictures dont tell whole story, but they give you some idea.

Sure I'd like another 1/2 inch lower like the H&R's, but not sure I want to pay the price in ride quality. Ride quality is still reasonable with Eibachs, speed bumps and driveways usually no prob.



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There are only 2 versions of Eibach springs available for gen 2 Lexus ISx50's:

Eibach 250 about 1.3" lowering (probably softer spring rates due to lighter car)

Eibach 350 about 1.0" lowering (=F Sport Springs)

You can use both versions on both rear wheel drive IS cars, based on personal preference.

19's shown in my pics. 18's are fine too.

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It's mainly a matter of inconvience and ride quality, the lower you go, the more careful you have to be about front lip of bumper.

From a styling standpoint, the 18's will need the lesser amount of lowering.

The guideline is the larger diameter the wheel is, the shorter the sidewall height will be, so lowering to reduce ratio of gap to sidewall height is necessary.

What looks bad is when the wheel gap is greater than the sidewall height. For example 20" wheels have short sidewall height, therefore they look terrible at stock height with lots of wheel gap.

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I have had lowered vehicles before so bumps and block are not new to me. I watch them super careful even at stock height. I just want to make sure the gap is as minimal as possible between the top of the tire and the wheel well. I think it runs 35's in front and 40's in the rear. I will have to check.

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Either springs, both are getting decent reviews from what I've read. From a ride quality standpoint, both better than the H&R's.

If you later go to 19's or even 20's you might be happier with the Eibach250's.

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