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Turn Signal Replacement Guide

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Okay i got really bored today and wanted to figure out some easy stuff about my ES. so i thought of figuring out how to replace turn signal bulbs. I've taken many pictures as i went through the disassembly. Here goes:

1) Remove Black Plastic screw(more like a clip) that holds in the black piece of plastic cover going over your front section:



Reminder: this screw is a 2 piece set, u have to really put a knife into the top(where there's a very small edge u can wedge ur knife into. u can BARELY see it but u lift it up and the screw comes right out)

2) the location of the 2 piece


3) I only needed to take out 1 screw inorder to access the screw that's holding the turn lens/socket


Top View:


4) Once the screw is off, u can easily slide the whole piece FORWARD, toward the front of the car.(tnx to one of the posts here, i did it with ease)


5) Then the light bulb socket is pretty simple to do. turn the socket counterclock wise. there's a dot on the socket and a dot on the cover. u just have to align it and w00t u'r done.


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