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Transmission Shifting Problems Rx300 - '99


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More shifting issues.

1999 RX300, 268,000 miles Starts, runs, shifts great until 6-8 miles from house.

I let the car get to NOT before driving.

Tranny shudders and shifts out of o/d when I accelerate for passing. Goes into 1st. I can manually shift into second and get home. Disconnect the battery for a while and it is fine until the 6-8 miles mark.

Checked, cleaned and replaced all VSV, MAF, IACV, A/F, PCV, front oxygen sensor, Bank 1 Knock and connector in the

past year.

Complete plenum cleaning.

Tested the vapor canister and related sensors.

Checked and replace any bad vacuum hoses except what is above the fuel tank.

Two new gas caps.

Tranny flush and new filter.

Seems like a ECM issue. Is reprogramming a possibility?

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