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Sound System Upgrade For 2007 Rx350

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I just purchased a 2007 RX350 with the basic sound system. I would like to upgrade to a system that will enable me to stream from my iphone and make hands free phone calls on my iphone. There are a number of different systems advertised as compatible with this care but I am a little concerned about the odd shape of the console. I would greatly appreciate any sound system upgrade recommendations, including the head unit, and any speaker upgrades.

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Hi Fran and welcome to the Lexus Owners Club.

Your question is a good one. I have always felt that the biggest problem with the RX setup is that the large open area in the cargo area is difficult to configure a half way decent bass response. I'm not familiar with the 2007 cabin speaker placement, but I also have an RX - 2013 model so I know the basics of what you have.

It's difficult to find a happy medium between loudness or best frequency. That's strictly up to your taste. For a nice, smooth delivery of sound in the RX I recommend placing an independent sub-woofer in the cargo area, possibly in place of the one in the side panel. Have your installer drive that sub with a separate amplifier. I have used this setup on all of my ES350's and the result is great.

Before ripping out all the speakers, try this solution and see if it gets you any closer to what you want.

As far as the Blu tooth functions, get at least 2 if not 3 bids for what you want and make sure they explain exactly what you want and how much each component cost. Sometimes it's good to find your components at the best price, yet take them to another shop for installation.


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On 12/8/2014 at 9:52 AM, pj8708 said:


I have a 2007 rx400h - with no bluetooth for music from my iphone. It only connects for phone calls. 

Here's my question: I love the car, keeping it for long as possible. Given that, is it better to;


1. get anew bluetooth radio, 

2.. get a kit for bluetooth (I do not want to touch my phone at all, not even to dial),

3. have an adapter installed for $400 that gives me bluetooth on music, but not necessarily for making calls.


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Hi Hilary.

just reading your question re the Lexus, albeit a few years ago now. Hope this still applies. I have just bought a 2007 RX 400.

it does not play music, and you can only input phone information manually, so I wish to upgrade if possible.

could you let me know how you got on please.



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Chris, have you spoken to the folks at crutchfield.com? They are experts in recommending and supporting receivers, speakers, and amps for upgrading vehicle audio. 

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