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Weird Electrical Problem With My 2001 Gs 300

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My car was parked outside in a cold, heavy rainstorm. My key fob would not unlock the doors. I inserted the key to unlock the door and the alarm went off. Could not turn it off with the fob. The next day I replaced the battery in the fob, but it still would not unlock the doors. While driving the car I found that I could only open the drivers window, the other three would not open, nor will the door lock/unlock button work. Now here is the weird stuff. I turned on the radio and three of the doors unlocked (all except the drivers door). I then pushed the FM button to change stations and the passenger rear window rolled down. I could not roll it up with the window control switch, but when I turned the radio off and back on again the window rolled up. Now the key fob will lock/unlock three doors (the drivers door will not lock/unlock), but the headlamps will not turn off after the 3 minute delay has passed. Any ideas?

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