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Air Bag Light On

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I purchased my 06 400h new and it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned, it has 117,000 miles at this time. We have an incredible Lexus dealer south of seattle and I have always had it serviced there. My service manager charges me $50 for their oil change, I supply synthetic oil. While returning from todays oil change my airbag light continues to stay on as I drive the car. Anyone else have this happen? What are the possible causes, this car has had 24 oil changes so I imagine its a coincidence it happened on the way home from one. The only different thing I had done was have it washed in their auto wash system, I have always hand washed it, this was the first auto wash in 9 years, it was freezing here in the Pacific NW. Thank you in advance for all your help, dave

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Some IS owner from the UK Lexus Owner's Club ( a while back) stated that he found a loose front airbag connector. Once he tightened it, the light went off and he hadn't had the problem for 6 months (at the time of his post). Apparently, some dealerships replace the airbag wiring harness at a cost of $2000-$3000. This has occurred in many Toyota/Lexus models but it doesn't look like it is super-widespread, at least based upon my consistent perusals of this forum.

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