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Es300 2002 And Up Problems?

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I am considering to get another car (I have Benz C320 right now) and I've heard good stuff about Lexus reliability.

I am thinking to get either ES300 (year 2002), GS300 (00-01 models) or GS400 (00 model). To help me making the decision, I'd like to know more about any problems that you've had so far with your car. I don't have any problems with my car but I've read reviews that Benz reliability tends to get worse lately...

What kind of problems have you encountered with ES300 for Year 2002 and up?

Also, what's exactly covered under Lexus warranty and how many years and mileage (I am not familiar with Lexus at all).

Do you guys get a loaner during service?

What kind of service maintenance do you have to have and how much does it cost?

(Benz has 4 yr/50K miles free regular maintenance and warranty)

I appreciate any inputs..

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I totally love my 02 ES.

The only non-routine service that I have had done in 39,000 miles is:

Front Brake TSB: totally covered

Replaced faulty O2 sensor: totally covered

Replace right front strut assembly: totally covered.

yes you get a loaner, and the loaner is a Lexus.

the total coverage warranty is 4 yr/50,000 mile (does not include regular servie items). The powertrain warranty is 7 yr/70,000 mile.

regular service is what you make it. There is what is suggested by Lexus and there is what has been suggested on this and other web sites. They vary slightly. The best thing about the Lex is that if you are handy with a wrench, most of the regualr service items can be done in your driveway.

Keep in mind that the GS is RWD and the ES is FWD. Two totally different cars.

I am not sure if the C230 is F- or R- WD.

I recently had a BMW 325i for a day 4 I was jonesing for my Lex.

I hope this helps.


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Generally there are a couple known problems with the ES'

1. Engine oil gelling. Not a big deal as long as the oil is changed regularly, so find a car that has maintenance records.

2. Rattles. There are four known places the cars rattle.

-Moonroof. This is fixed by lubing the seal regularly with lithium grease

-Rear doors. Two ways to fix this, there are TSBs

-Top of windshield, dealers remove some clips

-Base of windshield, dealers replace the cowl clips with padded units.

3. Brakes. On all 2002s and some 03s there is a brake TSB where if you get warping of the rotors within the 50k warranty they will replace the entire front brakes free of charge. Good deal as you get a free brake job!

And thats it. Maintenance depends like Steve said. It also varies by dealer. Most dealers set it up in blocks, mini services (A) are every 5k miles and include oil and filter, rotate tires, inspect everything, road test. My dealer charges $130 for this. Moderate services (B) are every 15k, they include a tranny flush, differential flush, fuel injector cleaning, cabin air filter, air filter, tire rotation, brake inspection and cleaning. They charge $510. Then theres the major service © which is every 30k that includes the 15k service plus some other flushes, this is around $900. Then theres the big momma (D) every 90k that includes the tune up, my dealer charges $1300 for this.

So it goes like this:

5k ( A )

10k ( A )

15k ( B )

20k( A )

25k( A )

30k( C )

35k( A )

40k( A )

45k( B )

50k( A )

55k( A )

60k( C )

65k( A )

70k( A )

75k( B )

80k( A )

85K( A )

90k( D )

You can save a LOT by using independent shops. For instance my mechanic did the full 15k service on mine for $220 minus the fuel injector flush as he didnt think it was needed.

Also keep in mind my dealer is pretty cheap, others here cost on average $100 more than them.

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