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Is Vs, Mercedes - 2014

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I've only driven the new (a couple of them) IS350 sedans. I've sat in the new 2015 C-class and found the luxury interior to be tops in this class, especially with the extra roominess. I plan to drive the new C300 soon. Lexus certainly has best/proven history with hybrids in premium car business.

I really put no weight on the close "win" by Lexus in this comparison, I tend to reach my own conclusions. Certainly the competitive qualities of both sedans are impressive.

Per the article, "The biggest difference between these cars is that the Mercedes is a diesel-electric hybrid, compared to petrol-electric for the Lexus." Is Mercedes intending to bring this to US?

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Both cars (new C-class Mercedes and Lexus IS) have had plenty of time to gain sales momentum without inventory shortages associated with new model ramp ups. I wonder how the month US sales are measuring up for each car. I suspect the C is outselling the IS by now. I'm sure the marketing experts at Lexus will study what makes the Mercedes C-class (and BMW 3 series) so successful.

edit: Regarding my guess above, in February Mercedes C-class outsold Lexus IS 2 to 1 (7072 units versus 3383 units).

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