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Time To Replace My Es?


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When is it better to just give in?

So far it's been a pretty good car: comfortable, although shy on the headroom unless the panel under the moonroof is open. Mine is a beige 92 (with the matte wheels -- no chrome for me) with about 125,000 miles. No major repairs yet except the very expensive milestone services and then the timing belt replacement. The color's kind of boring looking, but then I bought it, didn't I. The lines on the new ones are just not as sporty as the 92's lines.

The problems I have with it, most nitpicky things:

Carpet, passenger side, going up the center console. This popped out almost immediately after I boght it, and the dealer wouldn't fix it. The pin holding it had broken -- the carpet is just stretched too tightly. I hear that changed in later models.

Power antenna stopped retracting, will only extend partway. OK, I can live with it. Sounds like a gear's stripped, maybe.

Moon roof seal doesn't seal anymore -- lots of air noise. OK, turn the stereo up!

Drivers side headlamp burned out. It was kind of a pain to replace, felt like I was gonna break the housing reaching in there, but it works. I notice the headlight lenses get cloudy (not condensation) over time.

The fast blinker problem just started - passenger side. All the lights still seem to work though. In the old days, wasn't there just a little silver condensor that needed to be replaced? Do I really have to change all the blinker lamps?

Nearly all the needle indicators but one are burned out. Only one back light works. Sounds like a reasonably expensive repair, too.

Gas guage stocks half the time, won't go above 1/4 tank, but does work on the way down. I get about 20mpg, so I can be my own gas guage with the trip odometer.

Be careful replacing the air filter: my corrugated hose cracked slightly once, and the problem (stalling and generally poor operation) was difficult to find.

Drivers side seat leather has holes warn through and the center seam has ripped. I've since learned I should have used leather cream on it.

The air conditioner mildew problem. I've tried a few things, but it still comes back.

Too bad there seems to be no cabin air filter to replace in the 92.

The dash finish causes the inside windshield to develop a haze. Moreso when a sun shield is used. More an annoyance that I hope Lexus has fixed in new models.

If you replace the tires, don't go for high mileage variety: go soft and sticky. I replaced the sport tires with some Continental touring tires, and the ride is very hard now. I should have gone for the Goodyears.

But it still passes the smog test.

The BMW325, Volvo convertible, and saabs are starting to look good. The BMW X3 I drove was a very nice vehicle as well. Are the new ES's worth a look?

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The new ES are very nice, but even a 97-01 ES is nice. I have one! :lol: If you want sporty, then the Infiniti G35 seems good. Since I don't know your budget, I recommend either a Kia Amanti or a fully loaded LS430! :D Actually, the new 2005 Acura RL looks very promising. Kinda thinking about it. I would also recommend the new Acura TL, but I test drove it, and I found the ride to be a bit rough, too sporty of me. Awesome engine note and power, though.

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Those are the first pics of the new RL i've seen.

Not bad but like all Acuras of late except the TSX its overstyled, nothing elegant about it. Its not going to be considered in the league of BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus. The old RL was quite elegant just didnt have the moves to match. This RL may have the moves, but it doesnt have the look.

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Well if it makes you feel any better MeAndMy92, you should be lucky that those are your only problems with your ES. If you had mine, then I guess you'd probably never even look at another Lexus again :lol: Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my car but it has had some MAJOR issues (i.e. head gaskets, radiator, transmission). It hasn't however, and this is rather surprising, developed those little problems like the antenna (well ok, once but that's a really easy fix-in fact, lemme know if you want to know how-extremely easy) the guage needles (I have 2 backlights out but that's my own fault for taking the assembly out and trying to replace the bulbs with another color-I lost one and the other went bad I guess from all the vibration of having it outta the car) I don't have a CD changer to quit working or I'm sure it would have, and I have no sunroof to make noise (much quiter than my old 92 was and my moms 96 is) and I have cloth interior (VERY cool, I love it) and my struts are just now starting to squeak but no clanking noises yet. All in all, I'd say despite the transmission that it's been a great car. I know there's not too many comprable rides out there for the mere 5500 I paid for mine. I guess cars just get old and little things like your problems are gonna happen, Lexus or no Lexus. Just appreciate all the good things about your car and you'll learn to overlook the imperfections. ;)

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Most of your issues could be fixed somewhat easily, but it sounds as though you're getting over it all together. It really depends on what you want to do. I wouldn't pour alot of money into the car since it is now 12 years old, but realize that age will cause some of these problems to occur.

IMHO I think your best bet would be to sell it or trade it in on something diffrent. Selling it yourself would be the best option since you're likely to get more for it.

If you like the reliability of the Lexus, then you shouldn't look at anthing European. I had a '01 Volvo V70 wagon for three months. It was such a POS and had so many repairs in that timeframe that I traded it in on my '99 C Class. The Benz has been fairly reliable save a few minor electrical issues. (I specifically opted for the older style C Class due to the large number of reported problems with the new ones) I don't know if you've read the new consumer reports auto edition, but this is the first year ever that the average reliability of new American cars has exceeded that of the European makers. From my experience and that of a few friends, I wouldn't buy any European car made after 2000 (and never buy a Volvo).

I don't like the new ES styling that much, but the '97-01s are great rides. The new G35 is a good car as well. I've never been a fan of the Acuras from a styling or interior appointment standpoint (interior feels way cheap compared to Lexus), but they are great as far as reliability is concerned.

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i would just sell it and get something newer.if your budget is very tight like most people then maybe just go for something a little newer like a 96 or up.i say 95 or 96 because you said you like that body style and they are a bit newer and upgraded.different motor etc..then yours.if you have a little more money then go a step further and try out a 98 or 99 es or how about a is?just giving you some opinoins and hope it works out.

i bet you will miss your car once its gone though!i know i did when i sold my last car.but its better to get rid of it now before there real problems start with it.good luck :D

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Here's some status on the 92:

Check Engine light was due to bad oxygen senser. Replaced.

Shuddering was do to a bad fuel injector. Replaced.

A tuneup for this puppy is pricey.

That with an oil change, etc: $900+

Rapid flasher is still there. The right bulb on the rear deck brake light was out. I replaced that for 80 cents, once I figured out that to remove the cover, ya just force it. :D

I also jerked on the black surround of the instrument panel, unseating the bottom, but not the top, and pushed it back in. The light illuminating the gas guage came back on! B) Woohoo.

Gotta fix that annoying flasher. No other brake/tail/running lights appear to be burned out, though. And the antenna, too.

And maybe I could dress 'er up like some of you have done. The rear spoiler looks kind of cool. :)

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