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Cd Changer Not Working


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Hi, first time poster here. Hope I do this right.

Have a 2000 LS400 with 6 disk remote cd changer. Main console has am/fm/cassette that works FINE. I wanted to change out the main unit with an adaptor and a single DIN aftermarket unit. My son, the Lexus tech, says NO WAY!!! DO NOT TOUCH MY MOMS CAR! LOL Anyway, when we select 'cd", it shows "loading" but never plays. We hear the changer (remote factory OEM pioneer 6 disk) pull in the proper selected disk, but never spins up. Cannot find anyone to "fix" it. Cannot afford a new factory unit, if one actually still exists. Ebay has LOTS of them but all are "pulled from wreck" or "as is". Well, I'm not willing to spend 100 dollars on a "wreck, as is" changer. Any ideas? Trying to do this BEFORE Christmas as a surprise for my wife.


Mark in Phoenix AZ

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Exhaustgases, (is that CO or HC or NOX?LOL) Thanks for the reply. My son is going to look into it Monday. I told him the urgency of this, trying to beat Christmas and me having to make cassette's of HUNDREDS of CD's so hopefully he can/will come up with a solution.

Thanks for the info.


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