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Tire Pressure Indicator


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A couple of days ago I bought 4 new Michelin Defender tires at the Toyota
dealership for my 2007 ES350. I drove that day for a while than for the next
couple of days car sat idle. Today when I started it up the low pressure light
came on. All 4 tires have around 31 psi. Old spare was low at about 20 psi so I
pumped it up to 30 psi but the light is still on.
Since I purchased this car couple of months ago I had low pressure light
coming up on couple of occasions when still wearing old tires. After adding a 2-3 psi
to each tire the light would go off. This time though, with brand new tires it
keeps shining.... I though if I drive around and get them warmer low
pressure indicator would go out but no luck.
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It can take a ten minute drive above 20 kph for the TPMS system to reset. I'd try lowering and then raising each tire back to 3 or 4 lbs above the recommended pressure (do the spare as well), and then do the drive section again. If that resets the system, then lower all 5 back to their suggested settings.

If that doesn't do the job, you may have a bad battery in one of the transmitters (supposed to be good for 10 years), or some other issue. I'd lean on the tire dealer to use their TPMS monitor and see if there is an easy fix. If the issue showed up before you bought the new tires, you may be on your own. Good Luck!

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Hi Darius and welcome to the LOC.

I'm sure you've already checked this out, but if the low tire monitor is not reset properly it may cause your problrm. The 2007 ES350 requires sever steps to completely reset the monitor. Go to our search site and Google Lexus ES350, 2007 low tire. You should find several threads and postings on this topic.


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31 might not quite be enough. Having dealt with various TPS issues, I can say that the Lexus dealership set mine at 38 psi. The guy kind of alluded to the fact that around where your pressure is might trigger the sensor, more so in cold weather. Checking my sensors I saw today my tires were all at 38psi.

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Thank you guys. I appreciate your comments and advice. Today I went as
Denny suggested, for an easiest solution first just to see what would happen and
raised the pressure up to 35 psi including the spare. The TPMS light went out
right after driving distance of 20 meters...
I hope it stays this way.
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The temp dropped today to 28 degrees. My TPS light went on today on my 2012 Lexus ES350. The door post says 30 PSI. If you put the 30 PSI in the tires and try to reset set the TPS light it will not reset. After trial and error I added 34PSI to my tires. That is what it took for the reset to work!!!  

To reset the TPS light on the dash, hit the start button 2 times. Look under the dash to the right of the steering wheel. Their are two buttons the one closes to the steering wheel push in and hold until the light go's out on the dash. For some reason the Lexus computer dos not like the factory setting on the door post of the car? I hope this helps you solve the TPS dash light issue.

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