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90 - 92 Ls400 Remote Trunk Opener

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Hey guys,

just want to ask if somebody already install remote trunk opener. If yes, could you please tell me where did you purchase that and how hard it was to install it ? Thank you.

Reason why I looking for remote trunk opener is that I like camping and when I have the cooler full of beers around my camping site and the security come in the middle of the night I´ll have to empty all my beer bottles (it hapent to me and I had it in trunk but trunk was open) BUT when the trunk will be close they don´t have to tell anything to me. SO when I´ll sit with my friends around the fire and the beers are in close trunk and when the security come we´ll have to empty just bottles in our hands. With remote opener it will be pretty easy to get to trunk for one more beer and then to close it and nobody will have to touch door and then trunk opener. Thank you for appreciation :cheers:

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You sneaky dude you. :D

Basically, I am not aware of just an addition to only open the trunk. I have check out Best Buy and find they will add an alarm or a remote starter that has that as an option, but not a remote trunk release by itself.

I will watch this as well to see what it yeilds. :unsure:

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