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It's not normal. You should get about 20 MPG city and 25 MPG highway.

Of course your local day to day mileage depends a lot on how often and how hard you get on the pedal. Give it some more time and check your mileage on a trip of 200 miles or more.

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The car will get better with miles, but not that much better. Maybe 1 or 2 MPG at best. At 1000 miles it should be broken in pretty well.

Maybe you should have it checked.

If you want to try this you can reset your ECU so it goes back to default settings and then drive normally for 200 to 300 miles and then check mileage again. I do know it will be peppier right after an ECU reset.

To do this just disconnect the negative (black wire) battery terminal for about 30 minutes, then reconnect. Start the engine and let it run about 5 minutes, and then take it for a test drive.

You'll have to reset your radio, etc after the disconnect, so be sure to have your code handy.

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