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Climate Control Fan Stays On After Engine Shutoff

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So it's officially winter up here in Michigan and I like to setup my car at the end of the day for the rough mornings of brushing snow and scraping ice off of my car. I always leave the seat heater on 3 (no issues there) and I want to leave my defrost on high when exiting my vehicle so when I start it in the morning, I just push the button and then it can warm up while I scrape ice off. When I tried to do that last part, I turned my defrost on high and shutoff my vehicle...my defrost kept going! I waited for a while thinking the fans just had to wind down so I exited my vehicle and locked it. I waited for 3 minutes, still going! Has anyone encountered this issue or know a fix? I also tried switching it to just the cab instead of defrost and I ran into the same issue... any help or input is appreciated.

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