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And I'm back. .....I recently replaced my blower motor and the resistor in my 199 ls400.... During the install I ran into a minor problem where the car wouldn't start. . But after great feed back from the forum and trouble shooting I located the problem...it was a connector that was not properly connected. Now the issue is. ... blower motor works fine however, my climate controls only work on High(even tho it's blowing like its on med) while the Lo and Med controls do not cycle through. The temp control works and the blower is blowing the heat but not adequately into the vents......Any suggestions?

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That being the case, maybe bad/wrong resistor pack, new blower motor is sluggish or wrong type, or something misconnected. For one thing, at high speed, you should find almost 12v on the blower motor. You are going to need to get back in there and make some checks. Win one for the Gipper. ;-)

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