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Reattaching Rear Window Sun Screen To Frame

Naval Air

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I just QUICKLY reattaching the rear sun screen on my 2005 LS 430 even though the how to answers on the net indicated that it was virtually impossible while the frame was installed in the car, should be done by the dealership, or to prepare yourself for a $2,000 replacement cost as it was only sold as a complete unit.


Using the perfect tools "(3 )Bosch Basics 6" Spring Clamp with Flex" (EBAY) or equivalent and with the screen frame in the UP position loosely secure the screen to the top of the frame, Left, right and middle ( So you can quite fighting it!).

With the Mono Line pulled completely out just the very top of the screen material fits into the TIGHT groove in the top of the frame which is then too large pull out when the Mono Line is run through it internal to the groove.

Working from the left side, facing the rear window, slip the monofilament line about 1 to 2 inches into the top most edge of the screen and then slip the end of the screen into the left most side of the frame groove, starting just inboard of the vertical part of the frame where the groove is wide enough to accept the screen with the Mono Line inside. Carefully line up the top of the screen as you press more of the top of the screen into the groove L to R while feeding in the Mono Line. Check, before proceeding, after a few inches that the screen is now secured in the groove and move the clamps as needed to straighten the top of the screen to accept the mono line as You feed in more. If the Mono Line gets stuck, pull out an inch, straighten out the screen, and begin again, this is going to happen. I found that as I got the hang of it that the feeding of the Mono Line itself feed the top of the screen into the groove were the Mono Line then kept it from slipping out.

Naval Air

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