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95-97 Front Seat Swap To Get Heated Seats

adrian torres

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I have a question, when I used to have access to the repair manual of the LS400, I noticed that the wiring of the heated seats was already built-in. I need to replace my seats in the near future and center wood trim of my 1997 LS400. I have seen complete sets of low mileage seat pairs for $500-1000 with memory and heating. I already have memory, but I was thinking if I get seats with heat, as long as I replace the center wood console with the version with the buttons for heat and trac control, it may work.

Does anyone have any insight if this is a valid plan? It seems cost prohibitive if someone just wants to get heated seats but, if someone wanted to swap out their worn seats for any reason and does not have heat, would this work?


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Are you certain that your 97 LS really does have the wiring for heated seats? Have you verified this by popping out the wood console panel and looking? The 90 LS400 I drove for many years did not come with heated seats and I am certain that it was not wired for them.

Toyota has been including the wiring for heated seats in some newer models that don't have heated seats (e.g. Prius v and Sienna) but I don't know when they started doing that or have a list of models.

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