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Lexus Rx350 Transmission

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New to the forum and first time posting.

I bought a Lexus Rx350, but I'm having some automatic transmission issues now. When slowing for a corner I take my foot of the accelerator... I cruise around the corner and go to accelerate again but the transmission doesn't shift, seems to stick, car revs high for a few seconds, then finally it shifts?

Do you think my transmission is on the brink?

Car has 136,000ks

Any responses appreciated!


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Several things,Has it been serviced? If not a drain and fill would be appropriate. Maybe the cars computer needs to be reflashed. That was an issue on the old RX330 when it first came out....

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Have you checked the fluid level. What you describe could mean that it is low. And as Thomas mentioned, if you are not certain as to when it had been drained and filled, get it done, ASAP.

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