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Mark Levinson Cd Player Not Working


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Hi all - I have a 2007 GX470 with the ML system and the CD player is not working. It is in the glove box, and you insert the CD's one at a time (it holds 6). When I put the system in AUX, there is no light on the CD player and it will not accept CD's either. I could use my iPhone for music, but I am old-school and like all my accessories to work. Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks!

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Hi Eugene - the player won't accept CD's. Pushing the AUX button does nothing. No display, and no lights on the deck itself. Seems like no power getting to unit. Also pushing load and eject does nothing as well. I think its dead in the water.

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Hi, very strange.

You don't press on AUX to operate your CD changer, this is different. When you press the AUDIO button, which tabs do you see on your screen? (e.g. CD/DVD/FM/AM/AUX...). Do you see the "CD" (arguably, depending on options, also the "DVD") tab (or alike) there?

1) Try checking the fuses -- I had GX470 2005 before, from memory, the fuses chart (which fuse is responsible for what) is somewhere at the ending part of the car manual.

2) Do you get any error codes during computer diagnostics?

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Hi Eugene - pressing the Audio button only shows AM, FM, TAPE, or AUX. Whatever I had been listening to prior to pressing Audio button. Pressing AUX prior to pressing Audio only says AUX In Play Mode, but there is no light on CD player and it will not accept CD's.

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Apologies for the delay (I've been travelling), which I'm trying to compensate for by a comprehensive post.

I am not an electrician but I had GX before, am just trying to help. If I were you, I would go as follows:

(1) Which CDs did your try to load? Try "original" CDs from the shop (e.g. not mp3; not hand-burnt). I had GX470 2005, it only recognised the original CD format (i.e. the disks with the label reading like "Compact Disk Digital Audio"). Your truck's manual (likely, its navigation manual - yes, I know it's counter-intuitive) should say which CDs it accepts.

(2) Having checked the above, we need to isolate if this is a hardware problem linked to your CD changer or if this anything else. I am not an electrician, but I had GX for over 5 years, having followed a few forums for the time and i never heard of an issue like yours. So, I would go to duly check the following first:

(a) Are your sure your've inserted the CDs the right side up? The 6-disk changer unit in the glove box has marks showing in which direction to insert the disks. Even if I were confident that I had been inserting the disks in the right direction, I would have tried to turn them over (e.g. the "label" side up/down).

( B) If this doesn't help: my strongest suspect is the fuses. You are saying you've changed them. How did you replace the fuses and which of them did you replace?

Normally one checks as follows:

(i) identity the fuses responsible for the problem (in your case, AUDIO/CD/maybe also NAV). Note: AUX has nothing to do with your in-built CD changer; AUX means transmitting signals via a cord device (which can be, e.g. your iPhone, if you decide to plug in in via the cord to the AUX module). There are two fuses sets in your truck - under the hood and behind the steering wheel -- the map as to which fuse is responsible for what is somewhere on the back of the truck's manual (I admit the manual may be confusing to identify which of the fuses may be affecting AUDIO/CD/NAV/etc.)

(ii) once the responsible fuses are identified, you check if these particular fuses are alive, e.g. with an electrician's screwdriver. Such screwdriver is cheap and you can find it in any car/electric shop. It has just one connector (which you need to apply to the fuse being checked) and a light indicator to show if any electric waves are travelling between the fuse's and the screwdriver's connectors. If the light is on, then it's OK. If not - the fuse is burnt out and needs to be replaced.

If in step (i) you cannot identify which fuses are responsible for your problem, you just check them with the e-screwdriver one by one. Though, this process may be by itself confusing, e.g. you cannot check HEADLIGHTS fuse unless you turn on the headlights, etc.

(iii) if any fuse which should be alive is dead, only then you need to replace it.

How did you replace the fuses and which ones did you replace? Different fuses in your truck are of different resistance, are you sure you've replaced all the fuses apple-for-apple? I hope the replacement fuses were not "no-name" and that you bought them from a relalible source?

(3) For the computer diagnostics, I'd suggest you contact any service shop (unless you are prepared to go to a dealer - which doesn't seem to be your preference, right?). I am not in the US, so I hope other forumers can help you with the choice of brand names to which you can safely go in the US.

If you want to run error codes by yourself, this takes quite an effort and is a bit complicated. But if you wish to follow the DIY route, let me know (either in this thread or via PM), I am sure I could guide you there as well.

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