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Happy Veterans Day


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Funny, I went to a Veterans day celebration at the Lodi, CA American Legion hall....It was truly a fantastic experience. The towns people introduced each and every veteran war (World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf Wars, and Global Wars including Afghanistan, Irag, etc.) Let me tell you it was fantastic meeting these gentlemen and women. The man in front of me was a B17 pilot which I know from history was a very high casualty mission. He was from the greatest generation of our country's past. God Bless these veterans that gave us the ability to experience the freedoms that we so take for granted. The Girl Scouts then handed out personal letters to all veterans in the hall. I saw tears from these gentlemen when reading these personal messages from these little girls. I know it is easy to forget the real reason of our holidays, but I personally make every effort to thank and show respect to my fellow veterans 365 days a year. From the greeter at Sams Club whom I know is a ex-marine to those I meet anywhere else. That is what the missing link is to appreciating the sacrifices that our fathers, grandfathers went through as well as the young vet's of today such as Josh whom is on this site and suffers everyday with head trauma from IUD in the latest wars. Please, say a prayer for those that have went beyond, risking, and sometimes not coming back from these wars. God Bless America and the Constitution that they have fought so bravely to support. I am proud to say as the son of a veteran, I stood by my son whom is a veteran today, and was recognized for our service as we shared the stories of these brave men.

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I had an awesome day at my mom's retirement home. I got to speak to and thank a lot of our fine veterans. One guy had on a tshirt that said " have you hugged a WWII veteran today"? I gave him a big ole hug and thank you.

Thanks all!!!!!

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