Gx470 2004 Paint Peeling Issues

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I have what my husband calls a 55k paperweight he bought me 10 years ago. It is garage kept. Under 50k miles and has had easily 15k worth of work done on it on behalf of warranty claims one early on due to paint issues on the front of the car which they then put a liquid bra on top of it. They also had to put new wheels on the car year one for paint was just bubbling off. I was trying to take the car in for someone tried to get work done on it for another reason but the battery was dead for non use. While sitting in my husbands SUV. I noticed what looked like papers on top of the roof of my SUV. I climbed on the running board and approximately at least one third of my roof was completely peeled away to metal. The Dealership of course was standard with their response. "We have NEVER seen anything like this before". My response; " well that's funny you had to replace the hood paint my roof rack and tires in year one and two". And it's well documented that The. Pearl White Paint has severe issues. My question is has the corporate office of Lexus remedied anyone's situation regarding this problem. I note that it is not an isolated instance but when talking to corporate today that are starting an investigation however will not comment to the fact if this is an isolated or how they are to remedy the situation. So I am doing my due diligence for I am not feeling warm and fuzzy with the response I received from the Lexus Corporation.

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