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Help 98 Es300 Random Abs Light.


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So for about a week now I've been getting a random ABS trac off light, it comes and goes, I replaced the speed sensor on the passenger side rear after installing struts about 2 months ago, Any suggestions, ways to pinpoint the exact sensor that's bad?

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The DIY solution for someone without the high priced code readers is to disconnect all of the wheel sensors and clean them with electrical contact cleaner spray (both the male and female connectors) and reconnect. Check for broken wires. Test to see if the problem still exists.

If that doesn't do it, you'll need to find somone with a reader capable of identifying which wheel sensor is bad, and then replace that sensor, or if the car is so equipped, the tone ring (depending on what your generation ES used in 98).

Today's sensors come as part of the entire wheel hub, meaning the entire wheel hub would need to be replaced to correct the issue. Good Luck!

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