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Squeaky Serpentine Belt. Advice Please.....


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my 2006 ls430 with 102,000 miles has gotten real "squeaky". I generally don't work on my car, but his is now my "spare" so I'm more interested in DIY

I followed suggestions:

squirting with water helps for about ten seconds. ^_^

Then I looked for belt issues or alignment of pulleys.

Lo and behold the upper right pulley is not spinning. I think its called the idle pulley #2 :wacko: see video attached . How do I fix?




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Welcome, Nick.

Wow, that is bizarre. Although it is hard to tell from the video, it almost looks to me like the belt is not turning at all. Further, it looks to me that the harmonic balancer (i.e. crank pulley) is not spinning. Almost like the rubber dampening ring has separated on the crank pulley.

If the belt is not turning, you should have at least have the battery charge light on the dash. Can you verify that the belt is turning at all?

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