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Led Conversion For Gs300 Climate Control

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:D I have been doing a conversion for alot of guys on the 1990-96 300ZX. I convert the dim factory bulbs to an LED bulb in various colors. It looks awesome and pictures don't do it justice. Here are some examples of my work. I am now offering the same thing for the 93-97 GS300 climate control. I may do other models and other components in the car. Probably the Radio display or some part of it may be next. Right now, it's just the climate control. I am charging $30 to convert all your bulb ib your climate control to Red, Blue,Superwhite, or Ultraviolet. I can do other colors as well. Contact me to find out at or leave me a message at 623-872-1838. LED's last about 11yrs, are brighter, and draw less current. Plus they're kewl and will match your dash cluster if you have changed the bulbs on them. They will also dim like your factory bulbs. I will be posting pics soon. I am checking with lexus to see how much replacement bulbs are so you can keep your stock bulbs if you sell the car or maybe drive your car everyday and can't send me your bulbs to be converted. I am thinking it will be around $65 to buy all 6 LED's already converted. Or you can send me yours to be converted for $30.





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I checked with lexus and the bulbs are $11 each, so $66 for the bulbs + $30 for the conversion= $96. If you send me your bulbs you will save $66. So instead of having boring green lighting, you can have red or blue or superwhite lighting on your climate control to match your dash or your mood. I can mix colors as well. Superwhite display with amber lighting, or superwhite display with red lighting. Be creative. Everything can be returned to stock if you decide later on. ;)

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