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Satan Is Hiding The Fuse/relay


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I have a 94 es300 power windows locks sun roof not working suddenly checked ALL fuses/Relays under the hood ALL fuse driver side(inside the car) near hood release . I can hear a clicking (when pushing power lock button) left side of dash board between wind shield and behind glove box can not FEEL the clicking.Was able to pull a relay ,still can hear the clicking when i try power lock. The relay that i was able to reach was close to floor on the passenger side.

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Never ran across this issue myself, but after some online research I came across these solutions for the same car and the exact same problem. Hope one of them worksd for you.

“It turned out to be a loose connector between the main box and fuse box under the dash. There was a burn mark around the contact lug; great Toyota design that did not give a totally snug fit between spade and lug, causing a minor PITA. Geez, it would have been at least a grand to fix it at the $tealer$hip. Anyhow, all is fixed and I am happy again with this first
gen ES300. “

“The problem with the car was that the 30amp square with clear view plastic top was blown. to get to it you must remove the lower dash panels and reomve the floor vent ductwork. there will be three fuses next to the driver's side fuse panel, 2 40amp and 1 30amp. that fixed my problem. hope it helps someone else out. “

“Answer the problem is that the 30 amp fuse that on the junction block #1 has blown. j/b #1 is located on the side of the fuse panel on the drivers side of the interior. You'll need to remove the lower panels that are under the steering wheel and move the floor vents ductwork out of the way. You see three different fuses(the square type with the clear view covers). Two are 40amp and one is 30 amp. That should fix it. Also make sure that you check the 20 amp fuse in the engine compartment box if the interior lights are out as well.”

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Found it was TWO problema ONE it was the fuse Hidden under up under dee under the dash board on the driver side, The lower panel under steering wheel MUST come off to barley see it and to reach it . SECOND problem that caused to fuse to blow MY master window control switches the rear passenger side button has a short.Anyone who sit in rear passenger can roll the window down and up but driver can not.

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High Chris and welcome to the LOC.

Gene is a darn good technical member and frequently is able to weed out the specific problem.

Remember that we also have an excellent data base that can be accessed by using the small white box at the top, right side of the forums page. There is a ton of information in the data base.

Another place to go for help is the "Toyota Information Service". This site is Toyota's tech information center and has search topics for anything Lexus, Scion, and Toyota. It provides detailed technical information for Lexus including parts, diagnostics, electrical schematics for all systems, and on and on.

This is not a free service, but the fees for short term use are very low. You can sign-up for 2 days of use for only $15.00. Other plans are explained when you log in.

If you do check the TIS out we'd be interested in your opinion.


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