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Where Are The Loaded Ls460L's?

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I have owned 8 new LS models, between 1993 & 2011. All were air suspension models and all had Dynamic Laser Cruise Control since it was available. In 2013, I strayed and went for a Mercedes S550. Now, when I go back to look for a new 2014 LS460L, with air suspension and Dynamic Cruise, the cars are, for the most part, NON-EXISTANT! Every now and then you will see one in black, which I do NOT want. I want a silver or gray. Has Lexus lost their minds? These are supposed to be top line luxury cars and many people who buy these types of cars, want all the goodies, but the cars are just not out there--not even one to two to LOOK at! And, this is now NOVEMBER! Where are the 2015's???? I think Lexus has given up on the car and the customers that made them successful, in favor of all these F Sport things that only kids seem to want.

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