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Vsc Trac, Vsc Off, Skid, Check Engine Lights On - C1340/47


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i have a 2005 gx470 with the following four lights on...vsc trac, vsc off, skid, check engine. when i took it to a mechanic, he said it has the following code: c1340/47. any idea of what this is or how to fix it?

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From the lights on your dashboard, probably nothing to worry about -- read e.g. here. Am sure there's much more on this forum - try to search by key words!

I don't know about the particular code with you gave -- really, the mechanic should have told you what it means (if he is a good mechanic, of course). From my experience, the code name you gave is something off-spec. Probably you typed it incorrectly???

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