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Anyone Have Their Vvt-I Oil Hose Rupture On A 2007 Es 350 Less Than 7


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Has anyone had their VVT-I hose rupture? and than had to buy a used engine?

I purchashed the car from a very reputable Toyota dealer & 6 weeks out of the 90 day warranty this happened! The Dealer, nor Lexus Corp. would help...thus, it cost me close to $7,000.00 ( Inc. rental car for 2 weeks)

I have only had this car for 31/2 months when this happened, back in May 2014 and their "Limited Service Campaign" had expired as of March 31, 2013.

Now, I Just received a letter from Lexus, stating they have re-opened this campaign and will be extending it till 2021..Anyone else had this problem & received this notification..

Sounds like, since they have Now re-opened this campaign, there Must be Alot of owners that got their hose replaced, prior to March 31, 2013 and Toyota was Only sending another Rubber Hose & Not the Metal ones..thus..there must be alot of owners Now experiencing the Same issues!!!!!

Any & All replies will be Greatly appreciated!!

Blessings to All!!

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My repair shop has seen a few Lexus ES350 VVT-I hose ruptures over the years. If you are planning to own them for longer than 8 years then you need to replace them as the literature says they may not last the life of the car - and a rupture normally means a new engine... Does anyone know if the all metal hose fits the 2007 model? And how much does it cost to replace if Lexus won't replace with an all metal one? Am considering even replacing with a new part metal/part rubber hose for piece of mind.

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I bought the metal line for my 2008 but the dealer just put on a new hose. Then traded the 2008 in. The second hose lasted over 100,000 miles. So, I still have the unused metal line kit if anyone is interested I'll sell it for $25 plus USPS two day ship cost. It should fit any of the 2GR-FE engines.

If yoou are interested, please PM me and I'll get the part number for you so you can check it.

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Thanks. What is the part number? Did you find out why they did not replace the metal hose?

I had bought the part myself and the Dealer told me they had to use their part to comply with the service campaign. I'll get the part number tonight when I get home and post it on here. The part I have is the 100% all one piece metal line that they now have on all 2GR-FE engines since 2011.

It's not rocket science to replace it but it is time consuming. Lots of stuff in the way. If you are anywhere near having a new serpentine belt done you might as well have that done too.

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Sorry I took so long to get back. I got called out of town for work.

Oil pipe is 15772-31030

Gaskets are 90430-16016, 90430-16017, 90430-16012 (2 of them)

Let me know if you are interested

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Yep. It ruptured while my wife was driving it home from work, back in March 2014. She lost enough oil to cause oil light to light up. Luckily, she was a mile from home. Took me a while to figure out the problem; the short rubber part where it burst is hard to see. I bought a replacement hose and had a local shop replace it for half the labor quote from the dealer. I tried replacing it myself but needed special tools to access the very-hard-to-get-to bolts. Car has been running normal since the repair. Will be submitting expenses to Toyota for reimbursement.

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