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Keys/security System


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i just bought a 2000 RX with only the valet key. I called the Lexus dealer and they said you can't cut a master from a valet key. They also said that I might need to have the entire security system replaced but that Lexus has a program that might pay for this.

Does anyone know anything about this and what the criteria might be?

A side note, for all the service records this owner kept, how he managed to only have the valet key perplexes me.

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I needed an extra key when I purchased my 2001 RX 300. I asked the Dallas Lexus dealer to cut me a key. They needed proof of ownership. I faxed them a copy of the title and boom, an extra key. I still needed to program it to the car but I do not recall wether or not the original key was required. I found the answer on this site somewhere.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Hi there, try looking at this thread re your key.

As to what happened to your car, register at the Lexus site, enter your car's VIN number and find "car history" or alike tab -- the website will give you the vehicle history as recorded by the Lexus dealers who served the car (I find it quite comprehensive). Alternative sources for checking which problems were reported on your car are Carfax or Carcheck (I found the first to be more informative than the latter) - however, you'd have to pay some fee for any these two.

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