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Harsh Ride, 2015 Rx Suspension Vs 2010-2014


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The ride quality of my new 2015 RX 350 AWD base model is much stiffer than loaner RX's I have had (I also own an 02 ES with much better ride). I based my purchase on the RX loaners which I think were 2012 or 2013's. Short local test drive on smooth streets was ok. Drives immediately after purchase on highway and streets with bumps are not--more like a true 4 x 4 or a sports car ride. I have seen opinion that the RX suspension was stiffened starting with the 2013 model year and that Canada build models are stiffer than Japan built models. True? Any advice?

Facts: my 2015 is Canada built (2T Vin #), Tires Bridgestone inflated to 32 psi,18 inch std wheels.

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Bobxj here augmenting my harsh ride post. Just talked to a lead Lexus mechanic. He is not aware of any stiffening of the suspension during the 2010-2015 model sequence nor has he seen any stiffness differences between CN and JA built RXs. He advised that the RX loner's I had while servicing my RX were FWD. He says AWD RXs are stiffer than the FWD version, possibly explaining the different ride I have experienced. A new ES would be softer yet. A final note---my AWD ride is probably not as bad as a 4 x 4 or sports car but clearly in that direction.

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