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2000 Es300 Ecm Failed


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My car ECM failed, my mechanic is offering to install a used one (ECM, KEYES, IGNITION SWITCH) all 3 for $1,000.00 including labor, I've seen websites that repair my ECM and ship it back for $250.00 however my mechanic said that I'll need to program the keyes and the ignition switch (because ignition switch might no recognize the key). I don't know how true that would be. I've also seen ECM's on ebay for $100.00 but doesn't come with ignition switch and keyes.

Can anyone please throw me some information on what could be the best step to take. Is my mechanic being right saying I need to change all 3 parts? or can a ECM from different car (being same year and model) be programmed in my car?

Are those places offering to fix my own ECM legit? If so do I have to program the ECM again even though is the original that came in my car?

Thanks for any feed back.

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You have an unique situation where I don't believe you'll find the answer you can trust online.

You don't say whether "your mechanic" is a Lexus tech or not, I'm betting not, and like you, I'd be suspect about what you've been told.

That said, I'd be contacting several different Lexus dealerships and ask for their lead service tech and ask your question. Regardless of what answer you get either way, having two or more give you the same answer should verify your next step.

Be aware that while changing the ECM is fairly easy and takes little time, the same can not be said for changing all of the door locks (interior door panels have to come off and getting the locks out is a pain. The same can be said for the ignition key. It will take time, and at present labour rates it adds up. Good Luck!

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