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Help! Problems Galore! Please Read!

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Ok, so I have a 2002 IS300, Automatic. It is causing me hell. I will try and be as short and sweet with this as possible, as I need all the help I can get. Helpful comments will be greatly appreciated and I will try to answer any questions as soon after as I can.

Problem: when the key is removed from the ignition, the car still has power to the following parts:
Daytime running lights/ headlights/ fog.
Climate control, a/c, clock, and temp.
relays that click alot under the hood
seat movement.

(the only way to kill power is to unhook the battery)

I have access to tons of parts because I work at a shop that dismantles these cars on a regular basis. so here is a list of parts I have changed...


driver fuse box, and pink box.
anti theft warning module (seemed to help for a day)
daytime running light module (seemed to help for 2 days)
abs anti skid module
ignition switch.

also tested the immobilizer.

car has had a front end collision in the past, very minor, fender headlight hood, and possibly was stolen at some point, before my ownership.

I am also tracking down a problem with the abs/trac system, code C1226. Seems unrelated though.

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Since nobody else has responded...I used to work as a mechanic but only on domestic cars and trucks. I have absolutely no work experience on the Lexus. It sounds like you might have a short that is feeding back through your ignition switch. I would probably start by disconnecting the wiring harness from the ignition switch and trying to identify a wire in that plug which is hot when it's not supposed to be. You would need a wiring diagram or compare the wires to another vehicle to figure out which ones are normally hot with the ignition off. If you don't have access to one or the other I might try unplugging the harness feeding the steering column or just start pulling those relays under the hood (one at a time) to see if one of them turns everything off. Some of the items you list are controlled through the steering column wiring harness but others I wouldn't think are.

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