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Is As A Police Car?


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The days of the Crown Vic. are all but gone. Now, the police in northern England can use their IS to run you down even if your on a straight away doing 150mph!

Check out the new era of the cop car.



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Now that was fun, wow.

But the mainstream police cars (in volume) are something considerably different.

For example in California, I'm seeing CHP use more new Ford Explorers and the sheriff using new Chevy Impalas. As the Crown Vics accumulate too many miles to be economical to operate, they cannot get a direct replacement anymore.

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Some high powered V-8 Fusion looking thing. It won the best of the new cop cars on Top Gear against the chevy impala (Holden) and Hemi chryslers very incognito vehicles but fast and nasty looking if you look close.

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