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Bank1 Oil Control Valve Connector Broken


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Hello, I recently got a p1349 code on my 2001 ls430. My oil control valve is not functioning in that it does not extent when connected directly to the battery. Unfortunately, when I took the connector off, the wires came off the connector plug. Both wires are the same color-- dark-green with yellow stripe. I purchased a new plug (and valve) but don't know how to wire it up. Since it only involves two wires, does it matter how I hook them up to the plug?

I've attached two jpics below-- The plug wires.jpg is a pic of oil control valve wires from the wiring harness and the Connector.jpg is a pic of the newly purchased connector plug.

Any Ideas on how to determine which specific wire from the wiring harness goes to the connector plug wire or if it matters?



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Ok with no response, I just hooked up the new plug. It appears to work as the p1349 and a new code p1565 (i Think). They are both gone. Nothing but smooth shifting. However, I now have a Check VSC light with no OBDii codes. So I used the jumper/dlc3 method and determined the code to be 39. I tried the use the zero point calibration but it does not work. Any suggestions.

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Sometimes you have to reset the VSC system after engine maintenance; I had to do it after they replaced an oxygen sensor.

You'll need a paper clip and it's best to park the car on a level surface. You have to shove it into 2 ports on the connector under the dash.

Here's the thread:


Let us know if this solves the issue.


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