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Global Sales Of Hybrids


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This chart shows the current total sales of Lexus Hybrids around the world. According to Lexus, their grand total sales for Hybrids since 2005 has been 7,000,000 units. I don't know if the RX sales numbers are higher or lower than in the past, but to me, the overwhelming success of the RX is impressive. It makes me wonder if Lexus will continue to sell the RX with its decade old body style. I would think that no matter how successful the current RX configuration is, the customers would eventually want something that is new and with a fresh look.

What do you think?


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Note: I think current RX bodystyle began with model year 2010.

Not that I find RX to be very attractive, but the typical buyers of this very successful midsized crossover SUV don't seem to mind. Hybrids are very important to Lexus in order to meet CAFE requirements.

I think NX might be the first good-looking SUV from Lexus, but I need to see it in the flesh to know for sure.

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Hi St.

Thanks for the info on the RX body style. The style did change with the 2013 models, mostly consisting of the new Spindle Grill shape. Overall I think that when I'm driving down the road I can tell an RX by the traditional silloute. I guess it really makes no difference since the RX is Lexus number #1 seller, above every other model.

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