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Dealer Suggested Maintenance, A ?


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My wife's '05 Es330 has barely turned 25k miles, and has been garaged since day 1, only driving in snow once for a brief period. Her dealer recommends she have the timing belt and the water pump replaced. The watyer pump just because it's there to get at. We've performed routine maintenance but the mileage being so low, I'm not certain I need to replace the water pump. How about hoses? Those weren't mentioned as needing replacement. not dried out, I guess. I did replace the tires after 7 years on age alone, but sort of worn down though Abe's head was not covered.Opinions, please?

thank you

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I know what you're going through because I've been there myself. I have a 1990 300ZX with super low miles, which is now 25 years old. Its just one of my toys. The owner's manual, and the dealerships say 5 years or 100 kms (60 000 miles) for timing belt replacement. They may as well say do all of the belts and the hoses at the same time. As for the water pump, with very little useage on the car, every second timing belt change should be enough.

Anyhow, I finally bit the bullet and changed all of it out at 70 000 kms about 5 years ago. So, I'm good for say another 15 years.

Here's what I did to really know if I should do the job or let it sit for a few more years: remove part of the timing belt cover to be able to see the belt itself. By turning the motor over with short touches of the starter, but not letting it actually start, you'll be able to see the entire length of the belt and the shape it is in. Check its under side as well.

If the belt has no cracks, and shows no signs of deterioration, let it go for another two years, and then look at it again. But once it hits 20 years, I'd change it out. Age and heat will do it in by that time. Checking your accessory belts as to their condition will give you a good feel for what shape the timing belt is in as well.

If you're not confortable doing that yourself, have an independent mechanic (much cheaper than dealership, and the car is off its warranty now) pull part of the cover and let you know. As for the water pump, they fail when the seals wear out and start to slowly leak fluid. Even my Subaru dealership says every second timing belt change is the time to do the water pump. Good Luck!

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hellow GB,

Sorry for the lag in replying. Thank you for your reply and and advice. There happens to be an independent garage not foar from my home. I've been there before, and know it's reputable. I may drop down to have it give the car an evaluation then compare notes. The car sits a lot, but it's getting close to 26k now. The budget can use a break, but the maintenance will be taken seriously as the car is in like-new condition.

thanks again,


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