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I'm a proud owner of a 2007 IS 350. I bought it new and am still driving today! However, I've been having some concerns about my car's life. She's got 78k miles now and while my drive to work is short nowadays, I wanted to know how much I could expect to get out of the car? I probably drive about 9k miles a year now, if that much.

I keep my car in EXCELLENT condition, garage + regular maintnence from the dealership along with waxing, cleaning, etc. The car still looks brand new (or close to it, if I wash it). A few paint chips on the front hood if I look close enough.

I don't have the money I had when I bought the car, thanks to a mortgage and kids! So, I can't afford a new one, but I would certainly look for a newer/used one when the time comes. Frankly, I want that time to come much later than now.

Do people think I can get 150k miles on this thing? How much longer do cars last?



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Of all the premium cars available today, Lexus brand is top choice for those that prioritize longevity and reliability. Some Mercedes models also have good durability too, still second to Lexus. 150K, no prob.

Keep the IS350, the latest versions w/3.5L are nice but have same power output.

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