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Timing Belt Change After 153,000 Miles!

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Just got my 06 GS430 with 153,000 one owner miles. Timing Belt has never been changed. It is parked until Monday when I can get the service done along with the water pump and idlers, etc.

Can anyone top this? Or is this a record (dubious albeit) on how long a timing belt has lasted? Curious if anyone has gotten more miles than this on theirs.

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I have 109k on my 2005 LS430 and I'm trying to get the time to have mine done now. I don't go on road trips right now because I dont feel confident enough until I get it changed. I've had my car since it had about 35k on it and it's not been changed yet either.

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I had the timing belt changed at 92,000 miles on my ES330. It looked perfect when it came off. I suspect the timing belts could go 200,000 or more. Of course I would only try that with a non-interference engine.

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I need to update my post. I found that my belt HAD been changed properly at 100,000 miles. I will try and post pictures of what the belt looked like and found the mechanic from the original owner (not the Lexus Dealership) saved $1000 by taking it to a good local shop. This is why it did not show up in service records.

I had bought kit to change belt and had started the tear down when I discovered the following which led me to research further the service on this beautiful one owner Lexus, which led me to find it had been changed.

I was doing the work to change it, I pulled my Cam Inspection cover off the top left front side of the motor. Very large cover which allows a very good look at the timing belt. It still had good white print/ imprinting on the top of the belt (non grooved side), I have established that this white print (arrows, CR, LC, RC, plus TOYOTA and numbers) wears off completely at about 70,000 miles. So if I had white print, AND the belt looked good, could it still be the original belt after 153,000 miles? I concluded that no it could not be the original belt after that kind of mileage. Plus I could tell unmistakably that the crank bolt and thermostat housing HAD HAD A WRENCH ON THEM!!!!! All this evidence led me to call the original owners one more time and pull some more information out of them.

So it appears I have saved myself quite a bit of work and money here.

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