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Rcf I Drove It!

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I got a chance to drive/race the RCF on a track this past Saturday in Joliet, IL. What an awesome car! Lexus had an event where they allowed us to race the RCF along with other cars from competitors like the M4 and S5. They have 5 more cities to hit so check with your dealers to see if they are coming near you. It's definitely worth the effort. The RCF came in #1 in my opinion overall, with M4 #2, and Audi #3. The M4 is definitely a better track car but if you consider interior and overall look, I believe the Lexus wins out. Also, the car will be in the low to mid 60s without carbon fiber top/wing and the TVD (those 2 which come together in one package will be an extra 10K!)


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