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Lights Don't Flash When Locking/unlocking Doors


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I have a newly acquired 1997 SC400 and I had just gotten a remote from the dealer since the car came with one "master" key and 3 valet keys. Thankfully, the dealer gave me the remote for free since we are a long time customer, and because they somehow damaged my hood insulator/liner and ordered me a new one for free also so I am grateful for that!

Anyway, the lights do not flash when I lock and unlock the vehicle. Is this normal for Lexus/Toyota's of this era? My other Lexus is a 1999 GS300 with the remote & key integrated together and the lights flash when locking/unlocking. This is the only Lexus I have driven that has the older separate remote and key. So I was just wondering if it is normal for cars of this era to NOT flash or is there a blown fuse somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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There is only a beep when you lock and two beeps when you unlock with the remote - explained on page 9 of the 97 SC owners manual which you can view at www.lexus.com in the owners section.

The 1998 SC was the first SC on which the turn signal lights flashed when using the remote and the first SC where the remote was built into the key.

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