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Autolocking On Setting Off!

Dave Haworth

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Hi guys, and galls.

i recently purchased a 99 Harrier, or RX300. Only done 72,000 miles and one owner.

I have had it a week or two and the only issue it has, that is really more of a niggle, it

wants to lock the doors at low speed (15-20 mph ). You can hear the actuators go 4 times.

When you slow down and dip below the said 15-20 mph and accelerate off again, the locks

try to lock again, 4 times. All the locks work fine, i tried locking the door before setting off

but that made no odds. I have seen threads for ign on, and depressing door lock for 5 seconds etc

but nothing works that way. I would be quite happy taking a fuse out or disabling the sensor or removing the applicable relay that wants to lock the doors. With this solved the car is 100%.

Any help or suggestions, gratefully appreciated.


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