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Performance Suggestions?

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I recently bought a 2004 is300, and I'm looking into what I can do to increase the performance. I've read here that the short arm intake sucks and there is no cold air intake available. Any suggestions on what I can do without altering the appearance or making it sound like a lawn mower? My price range is under $1000.


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The SRT intake gives the best power gains of any intakes. It comes with a piggyback ECU that allows your engine to take full advantage of the improved airflow, and properly installed, it won't cause check engine lights as some of the other intakes do. It's more expensive, but gets close to 10 HP gain.

As for exaust, you'll probably get more power with a header and Y pipe than with an aftermarket cat back exhaust.

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Well im new the the Lexus world, but I've had good experiences with Injen intakes in the past. Although not a CAI they do have a good setup with a heat shield for the filter, they also offer seperatly a heatshield for the exhaust manifold to stop your exhaust from heating up your intake pipe, seems like a pretty sweet idea to me. Check itout here its about half way down the page. Hope that helps.


Tim Quinn


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