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Faulty Tpms Indicated By Low Tire Pressure Light And Maint. Required L


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Question for the group..

Low tire pressure indicator light began illuminating. Check pressure on all tires, including spare. All at 32. Light flashes for 60 seconds when start, manual explains that's the indicator for a faulty TPMS sensor. Okay, fine...

Maintenance Required light came on. Vehicle Maint. System indicated it was time for an oil change. I checked dipstick and oil was a little low. Okay, good..

Took to mechanic for standard oil change and confirmation for TPMS..

Here's the thing. .Mechanic agreed Maint. Required light was simply indicator for time to change oil and agreed blinking tire pressure light is sign of bad TPMS.

He ran diagnostic codes for Maint. Required lights and nothing.

I chose not to address (replace) TPMS at this time. Fine, mechanic buttoned everything up no problem.

HERE'S THE DEAL: Mechanic could not get the Maintenance Required Light to reset. That is, it continues to illuminate. Mechanic wasn't receiving any codes indicating why it would be and all his 'standard' reset procedures were followed.

MY QUESTION / THEORY: Will BOTH the low tire pressure light AND the Maintenance Required Light illuminate to indicate a faulty TPMS sensor?



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Good use of the search function. But:

>Did the Maint Req light reset as desired?

>Did the TPMS issue get resolved? On some cars there is a TPMS in the spare tire that sometimes indicates the spare is low when the four tires in use test fine. Also, there is a TPMS reset button under the dash on some models that may solve the problem.

Removing the ground cable from the battery for 30 minutes will reset the computer and occasionally fix a difficult bug. Some of the car's functions may need to be reset (power windows, radio presets...the manual will have them).

Not sure if the above applies to your year/model but it may be worth a try.

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