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New Is250 - Black Marks Upon Pickup - Help!


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Hey guys,

I just signed up to the forum specifically to ask this question. I got myself a brand new 2014 IS250 F Sport. Pickup at the dealer was last Thrusday. As it was raining on the day, I washed the car when I got home. Upon drying the car, I found a black mark (about 1.5cm scratch) under the fuel tank. Possible reasons for the scratch; tight spaces during shipping; careless washing at the dealership; or possibly the fuel cap got slammed into the bodywork during refuelling. Whatever the reason, I was deeply frustrated. Because I know scratches happen, but I didn't make this happen.

Before anyone started saying why did I accept the car if it has scratches. Look, this is my first ever new car, so I'm probably not familiar with the process during pickup and key handling. But I've been there every step of the way when my father bought quite several number of brand new cars along the years, and never once has his salesmen ever mentioned to him "please inspect the car for scratches, dents, etc before accepting the car". I think it's not the way we do things here in my country. Besides, I waited 3 months for this car (it has red interior), I can't wait another 3 months if I chose not to accept the car. So, the only viable solution for me is to live with the scratch and try to fix it.

The scratch is actually hardly noticeable. But under direct sunlight or bright lighting and a good observation you will notice the 1.5cm black scratch. I thought it was just a scuff mark that's why I didn't bother with it the first night. But last night, I bought a Formula 1 Scratch Out (Scratch and Swirls remover) and I couldn't get the scratch out buffing the cream with a microfibre cloth. I didn't want to damage the new paint finnish so I didn't push it too far, but I did give it a good go.

The car is due for a full body wrap with clear protection film next week, and before that I would love to try and remove the black scratch from the car. It would not make sense to put a clear film and I could see a scratch from outside (be it hardly noticeable).

I would love suggestions from the forum. I'm now considering professional touch up or panel repaint, I don't care. The thing is before the car is wrapped with clear protection film, I want that scratch gone. I have also heard that polishing will hide it, is it true?

Picture attached. It's hardly noticeable. So zoom in on the red circled area, if you can see a black shadow line, that's the scratch.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: For better observation, you have to save the picture into your computer. Then open it, and zoom in. Sorry for the bad quality.


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