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Starting Problem


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Hi everyone,

Recently I found it hard to start my 99 LS400,137k miles.Every time I need to start several times until it cranks. I change the battery but it does not work.I get confused with the problem.

Anyone gets any idea?


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If you are getting just a single 'click' when you turn the key and no cranking, then most likely have a bad starter. Could be the starter relay but probably the starter itself. This is a very typical problem with most any car of this age and mileage. The biggest issue is that the LS400, unlike many other cars, has the starter buried under the intake manifold. Therefore, it is difficult to gain access to it (meaning lots of labor).

So, the big question is this: are you confident enough to change the starter on your own or would you need a mechanic? It can be done but is a job for someone fairly experienced with mechanical work. If you have an independent mechanic, you could ask for a quote. It will probably be more than $500, so be sitting down when you get the price. ;-)

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The links are all jacked up in my other post. Drill down to your vehicle year and look in the electrical category. Any starter you get is most likely going to be remanufactured, even the one from the dealer from what I've read when I was looking for mine.



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