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Need Help With 2005 Gs300

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I have a few different issues with my car. The sunroof/moonroof no longer works which is one of the biggest issues. I need to know how do I figure out what the problem is, is it the motor or is it something I can reset. I need a new timing belt witch should be my main concern... so I need to know how much it normally cost for the labor. And what is the best site for stuff like timing belt, HD lights, mats all the bulls hit your car needs after 125K. Plzz help me!!

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Hi Joseph and welcome to the Club.

My best guess on your Sun Roof is a bad fuse. In your owners manual there should be a section on fuse blocks locations One block which holds fuses is on the left side of the drivers side foot well. With a flash light, look on the drivers side lef panel, and then up, almost up next to the start of the dash. There is also a fue box under the hood, on the drivers side, near top of fender.

In the Owners Manual, there should also be a page or two showing the fusel placement diagram, its' amperage and style, and a description of what circuit(s) it controls.

As for your other issues, Call Sewell Lexus in Denver. They have a large part business and give a great discount to Lexus Owners Club members. Sewellparts.com.


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