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Recirc/fresh Door Not Working.


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Hi all. On my 2004 LS430, I have discovered that the door/flap (I assume that's what it is) in the HVAC that changes position when you select Fresh or Recirculating, is apparently not moving. It stays on Recirc all the time. So there is no fresh/cool air coming in. Is this operated electrically, or by vacuum? All other controls appear to be working as they should. The button shows the lights as if it's okay. I assume that door is probably behind the radio area? How does one get at it? And is it likely to be just stuck, and needing to be freed up, or is it more likely to be "had it" and the door and/or motor need replacing? Any thoughts? Thanks. Cheers, Keith.

P.S. I have since been doing a bit of checking. I've had the radio etc out, but there didn't look as if there was anything behind there. I also removed the lower panel beneath the fan unit, but couldn't specifically see anything. Then I had a thought, wonder if the door is electrically driven, and maybe I might be able to hear something, even if it was just a click. Turned on the ignition, and pushed the recirc/fresh button. Yes, there was a motor sound, could be heard going in both directions. That was down beside the fan unit, but couldn't actually see anything. So I'm wondering if maybe a rod, or cable, has come detached from the door or actuator, assuming that was the correct actuator motor I could hear. Keith.

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